It’s sure awesome to watch videos about wicked gear and fantastic plugins so I’m sorry to disappoint you with this boring stuff!

Unfortunately, it’s this boring stuff that will DRAMATICALLY save you time in your mixing stage!

In this tutorial I go over project alternatives and good ol’ fashioned note taking in Logic Pro X.

Project Alternatives

  • let you go back to a point in time so you can retreive an old mix
  • allow you to create different versions of a song (heavy mix, punchy mix etc)
  • allow you to create new projects from any alternatives once you’re ready to finalize your mix

Project and Track Level Notes

  • let you keep track of changes to individual tracks
  • lets you keep a list of listening notes per alternatives because the notes are related to the whole project (if you add notes and use versioned projects, you’d have to open each project to see the notes

Everyone that’s used any mobile app has seen version numbers and release notes. Use this in your songs and mixes and it’ll be a lot easier to remind yourself what’s changed along the way.

It’ll also help you remember cool ideas down the road. I often think “damn, I know I did a cool reverb/compression thing on this song, but can’t remember what it was….” I can just open up the project and check the notes.

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