The Alesis Strike Pro gives you the ability to record via audio (stereo line outs, and individual pad outputs) or via MIDI (usb, or via MIDI out).

If you don’t have an audio interface, you don’t need one. You can plugin directly to your computer via USB. In the video I show a few of the module settings you would need to look at, below are the snippets from the user manual that provide more details about each setting.

Settings in the Utility Menu

More details about Xtalk

Tips and more details about XTalk

Midi Setting Descriptions

Other links:

Slate Drums: https://stevenslatedrums.com/ssd5/ (Always on sale for about $60 USD)

EX Drummer: https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezdrummer-2/ (free trial – you have to create an account, and $130 to $180 USD)

10 free drum plugins (From Landr.com)

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