The Alesis Strike Pro has the ability to record drums via Midi Out, Stereo outputs, and via 8 individual outputs (kick, snare, hi-hat, ride, toms (stereo pair), and cymbals (stereo pair). Recording with 3-Drums has advantages:

  • no need to worry about mic-bleed
  • much easier editing process
  • more flexibility over drum sounds
  • no need to worry about having ‘a good room’
  • perfect for a home studio

Of course the drawback are that some people don’t think “it’s real” or sounds as good as acoustic drums. Given music today, I’d argue most people couldn’t tell the difference anyway, much in the same way most people can’t tell the difference between a mic’d guitar amp and using amp sims.

Here’s how to record the Alesis Strike Pro drums using all 3 options for maximum flexibility:


Alesis Strike Pro, firmware 1.4, custom kit (download here)

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (Gen 2) – for 8 individual outputs

Steinberg UR22 MKII – for stereo pair outputs

connection diagram
  1. create an aggregate device (other folder, Audio Midi Setup)
create an aggregate device with both interfaces, rename and choose input and output mappings.

2. Map your I/Os in your DAW ( for Logic Pro X, go to Mix -> I/O Labels)

This is so you won’t get confused about which input is for which drum part.

3. Setup your tracks

Individual outputs are routed through a Drum Buss using a Summing Track Stack

4. Arm the tracks for recording

if all the lights turn red, you’ve set everything up correctly

5. Hit record, and Bob’s your uncle!

Hear a fully recorded track using the Alesis Strike Pro on the last single we produced for Clever Weapon.

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