Top 5 Spark AMP Tones
5 most downloaded Spark Amp Tones

The Positive Grid Spark app gives you access to thousands of tones created by PG and players around the world.

I test out the top 5 by creating 4 song snippets to see if they’re any good.

Classic Marshall: JM 45 (emulating a Marshall JTM 45)

Dire Straits: AD Clean (emulating Orange AD 30)

Fender Bender: Black Duo (emulating Fender Twin Reverb)

Engl Fireball and Metallic: Treadplate (emulating a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier) and SwitchAxe (emulating H&K Switch Blade)

For a full list of the Spark Amp models, check out this page.

All tests are recorded with:

  • 2017 Gibson SG standard
  • Epiphone 4-string bass
  • Spark amp connected via USB
  • Stock Logic Pro X EQ and compressor


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