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Gold Records? None.

Grammy Winning Artists? None.

But our production sounds pretty f*ckin’ good.


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Organizing Your Projects for Maximum Mix Flexibility

You may hear terms like "analog summing", or "bussing out" or "routing" as techniques for mixing your songs. It doesn't matter what DAW you use, most have the ability to group tracks together so you can process individual tracks, and groups of tracks together. In...

Can You Use the Spark App on a Desktop?

Can You Use the Spark App on a Desktop? If you've used the Positive Grid Spark app on your smartphone, it can be a bit of a pain to dial in your settings. Bigkap Kap's comment on my Spark 1.7 Update video made me wonder if it was possible to run the app in an...

Our Latest Release

Clever Weapon is a 5-piece rock band based in west-Toronto. Their new EP “Hiding” was produced by Clever Dood Productions in 2018, and released worldwide on April 30, 2019.

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